Scully loves ANSWERSTM Pet Food! After one month he became a much happier and healthy dog.

Nicholas is enjoying his yummy ANSWERSTM meal. Mmmm!  

Bellina, raised on
ANSWERSTM Pet Food, is competing for the title "Miss Answers Pug"!


Answers Pet Food
Meet The Beautiful Ivy, ANSWERSTM makes her strong and fast!

This is Maya and she had puppies at the end of December 2012. ANSWERSTM cleared up her lick granuloma.

Cameo (Beagle) and her brother Sturm. Cameo suffers from seizures and glaucoma. She was rescued from a puppy mill and adopted by Linda. Cameo has been eating ANSWERSTM Pet Food for a little over a month and already able to reduce her daily amount of seizure medication.

 Meet "Buddha" , This Buddha doesn't have a belly, thanks to ANSWERSTM!

Even the McPAW Shelter Mascot Loves his ANSWERSTM!

This is little Oakley at 3 weeks old (Annie Oakley because she's a "pistol")



Bernie, Willow, and Madeline use Answers Pet Food.

Buddha-Bear and Luna-Bear LOVE Answers™ Goat’s Milk!

This is Nashi, she eats Answers Pet food to help keep her healthy and prevent struvite crystals.

January Pet Photo Winner

Here is Bravo, she is our Pet Photo of the Month Winner! Bravo is a 3 year old Border Collie who loves Answers Goat Milk!

This is Cocoa, Harper and Brody from Pretty Paws Pet Salon in Kentucky. They love Additional ANSWERSTMGoat Milk Formula!

This is Rigel. A 7 yr. old English Bulldog who just finished a 45 day fast on Answers Raw Goat Milk to help him overcome his seasonal allergies and staph lesions.

Keira and Jagger love ANSWERSTM Pet Food!

Steve thinks Additional ANSWERSTM Goat’s Milk Formula
does a body good.

This Greater Swiss Mountain puppy owned by Erin and John McWilliams, Rockaway, NJ can't get enough Additional ANSWERSTMRaw Goat's Milk Formula.

Eddie and Zeke are contemplating catching squirrel for dinner,
instead Dad feeds them ANSWERSTM Pet Food and Raw Goat Milk Formula! "Good choice Dad!"

This is an ANSWERSTM pup who stopped by the booth at Georgia Woofstock to say "hi".


Bellina pictured to the left of her sister got an early start
on ANSWERSTM Pet Food.

During a difficult molt, Lilly, the yellow Easter Egger was not doing well. While shopping at Whole Pet in Rockville, they suggested Raw milk. By day two, Lilly was back to normal and has been ever since!

Stella from Georgia enjoys ANSWERSTM beef and pork.

Tucker loves his
Additional ANSWERSTM Goat’s Milk frozen.

Answers Pet Food can help your pet grow up big, strong and beautiful just like Mona from Rochester NY. Mona at 8 weeks, 1 year old and feeling like a princess.

This is Tiger, recently adopted through Queene Anne Seattle, Washington store "All The Best".

Tiger is looking for some Additional ANSWERSTM Goat's Milk!


Bobby belongs to Tracy and Chris who own the store One Lucky Mutt in Wildwood, MO. You can see from his reaction he loves Additional ANSWERSTM Goat’s Milk. He is saving some for later on his chin.

Keely Gorman owned by Michael and Beth Gorman of Prospect
thrives on ANSWERSTM Pet food and loves her Additional ANSWERSTM Goats Milk.


A customer in Brattleboro, VT applies for a job with ANSWERSTM

Chiffon (left) and Parfait (right)
Dog parents Judy and Mike Martin want the best for their four legged children so they feed ANSWERSTM Detailed and Additional Goat’s Milk.

Great weekend at Pet Food Warehouse in Vt. Showing customers how easy our Pounders are to serve out of with a long wooden spoon and then clip and put right back in the mess!!!

Julia inspiring Lilly!

This is Mattie Boy and his family Carol and Larry. Mattie Boy is a 3 year old athletic Labradoodle that is powered by ANSWERSTM Pet Food and Additional ANSWERSTM Goat’s Milk.

Danika, a Golden Retriever is experiencing some health concerns which are making her very tired and lethargic. Hero’s P.E.T.S in Littleton, Co recommended Additional ANSWERSTM Raw Goat's Milk, which she has never tried before. They gave Danika a carton of goat's milk and let her sniff it. She jumped to her feet, wagged her tail, grabbed the carton and ran. She actually laid down and chewed on it like a bone. She carried it around for several minutes and was so excited she couldn't even sit down when told.

This mom and her pups are fed ANSWERSTM pet food and goat’s milk

Dog de Bordeaux, Mario, enjoying some Goats Milk at Dallas Dog Show

Joe is cleaning an ANSWERSTM carton in preparation for recycling.
We all need to do our part!
Ozzie wears a milk beard after
sampling ADDITIONAL goat milk at
Horses and Hounds celebration.

Dr. Doug Knueven, integrated veterinarian in Beaver, PA and
Jacqueline at a raw food seminar hosted by Larry’s Laundromutt, Sewickley, PA. Jacqueline is wearing The Ohio State (Dr. Doug’s
alma mater) shirt to pay a bet she lost to Dr. Doug over a college
football game. Go Penn State!

Etty and Jackie having fun with friends at the Lonestar Pet Roaring 20's buying show and their
favorite "gangsta" Mac Begasse!
Bethlehem Fair in Connecticut with friends from Pet Aesthetics in Southbury

Butter, the rescued kitten loves our goat's milk during event at The Big Bad Woof in D.C.
Additional Goat milk party at
Shelburne Museum Dog Walk, in Shelburne Vermont

Mac Begasse enjoys Additional ANSWERSTM Goat Milk at the Pet Aesthetics booth,
Bethlehem Fair in Connecticut.
Sonny, did not believe that the milk carton was empty.

Isabella Rossalini at Especially for
Pets one year anniversary party
in Sudbury, Massachusetts.
Darci is excited about Answers
Pet Food.

This is Bailey the Kreisl family's newest addition. She loves her Answers goat milk.

This is Ivy a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy at Sunset Farms who will grow up eating Answers Pet Food.

Hi my name is Boris and I drink Answers Goat Milk for my colitis
and it works great!

This is Bella and aspiring model from SoCal who loves Additional ANSWERSTM Goat Milk and it helps stop her itching.

Spike from Brattleboro, VT he loves ANSWERSTM Pet Food so much he yelps for his breakfast
and dinner.

Answers Pet Food
ANSWERSTM Pet Food makes Newton & Fenway smile! 

Suzie going on 15 years is a motorcycling ANSWERSTM eating girl!

This is Cantaloupe AKA: Melon from Bend OR, and he loves his Additional ANSWERSTM Goat Milk Formula!

Bellina has eaten ANSWERSTM Pet Food almost her entire life. Her opinion “I was meant to eat raw and my skin shows it!”

Oh no caught drinking right from the carton!

Kayak says: "Got Goats milk?"

Chalali from Bristow, VA is very happy to be eating ANSWERSTM Raw Diet and drinking the Goat Milk Formula! The Goat Milk Formula help her when she was struggling with digestive upset.

Napoleon and Bonaparte, Australian Shepherds from Atlanta, GA love ANSWERSTM Pet Food!

This is Bella from Mercer Island, WA proudly showing off her Goat-tee!

Liora's, owner of Whole Pet Central, Rockville, MD and new rescue pup sporting his milky beard!
Thank you A+ ANSWERSTM for making such yummy goat's milk!

In memory of Nataka who lived 15 happy years thanks to great nutrition, including Additional ANSWERSTMGoat’s Milk provided by her owner Liora, owner of Whole Pet Central, Rockville, MD.

Bella celebrating her birthday with Answers cupcakes made with Answers Pork Nibbles layered with dried cranberries mixed in yogurt, YUM!

Binks from Redmond, Washington thinks ANSWERSTM Pet Food is lip licking good!

Meet Coco from Ashland OR.
“Coco’s family noticed that her eyes were brighter and she had more bounce in her step after switching to ANSWERSTM raw goat milk and detailed chicken formula.”

This is a puppy from a litter of Dogue De Bordeaux puppies rescued by Jennifer Forsyth, VMD. Dr. Forsyth is raising them on Additional ANSWERSTM Goat's Milk and then will wean them on to ANSWERSTM raw diet.

Lucy and her owner
Tim shop at Healthy Pet Products in Pittsburgh, PA. Tim credits her beautiful shiny coat to feeding Lucy ANSWERSTM Pet Food for the past 6 months.

Smilin' Jack

Bella loves ANSWERSTM Raw goat milk!

Beaujangles the wirehaired pointing griffon loving his new goat's milk!

Roxanne Stone with All The Best owner Susan Moss and the management staff learning about ANSWERSTM Pet Food.

GOAT MILK?? . . . had milk, now just left with the carton!!
Harley owned by Amy Snell,
Portland OR

This is Manhattan, a Brussels Griffon. She loves Additional Raw Goat’s Milk she jumps at the refrigerator wanting it each morning!

Meet Skylah Blij an active 10 month old 6 1/2lb Yorkshire terrier puppy. She does agility and someday hopes to compete in trick training. Sky also enjoys hiking and rough play. She fuels all her activity with ANSWERSTM Detailed formulas and Additional ANSWERSTM Goat’s Milk.

Lucy, a 2 yr old therapy dog,
is a customer at the
Big Bad Woof, in
Washington, DC.

SPOON IT OUT....Close the top with a clip, refrigerate until next meal...No plastic wrappers, no bloody counters, extra handling.
Go Green...Recycle!!!

Trigger and Tinkerbelle dressed up for the holidays. Dog Mom Jan refers to them as “Goat Milk Junkies”, they can’t be without it.

John, son of Sam Wirsching, owner of Sam’s Cats and Dogs Naturally, Monroe, WA, is showing his technique of how to “Pour A Little Love” of Additional ANSWERSTM raw goat’s milk.

Our smallest goat milk fan
in pro feed Rockville.

This is Bella, a French Bulldog enjoying goats milk at Pet Source in Concord Mass!

ANSWERSTM first delivery at
Pet Aesthetics in Southbury CT.

This is Cameo (Beagle) with her brother Sturm. Cameo suffers from seizures and glaucoma. She was rescued from a puppy mill and adopted by Linda. Cameo has been eating Answers Pet Food for a little over a month and already able to reduce her daily amount of seizure medication.

Doobie is hoping to find Answers Pet Food in his presents!

Callie LOVES Answers Pet Food!