A Word From Your Veterinarians!

Dr. Amy Nesselrodt, a veterinarian, has conducted a year long study as she feeds her dogs ANSWERSTM Raw Diet.
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Why I Recommend Raw Foods  
By: Dr. Doug Kneuven
The Holistic Vet


In this video Dr. Karen Becker talks about raw meat diets for pets – why there’s nothing to fear and so much to gain by serving your dog or cat the food nature intended him to eat.
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New Health Tip:
"Go Play in the Dirt"
By: Dr. Chris Crowe, PhD


Is Raw Kibble An Option? 

By: Dr. Becker





Meet Will! The newest member of our ANSWERSTM Pet Food family!

ANSWERSTM Pet Food is excited to introduce the newest member of our family! Will is a second generation ANSWERSTM fed White German Shepherd. He is currently under the care of Erin McWilliams, owner of Paws-itive Experience, which is a training facility in Rockaway, NJ. Under Erin's care Will will become housebroken, and focus on training such as confidence building and social skills. He will also attend a doggy day care at Paws-itive Experience.

Susan Thixton, The Caped crusader for Safe PetFood, hasdeveloped a website [truthaboutpetfood.com] dedicated to helping pet owners all over the world find a pet food free of dangerous chemicals, risky imports, and inferior ingredients.






ANSWERSTM Pet Food has been named "Best Pet Food You Can Buy" By Susan Thixton, in 2012! Read the very first of a new series of articles taking a detailed look at various pet food companies. Read "Answers From ANSWERS Pet Food"  





We at ANSWERSTM Pet Food encourage you to subscribe to a remarkable magazine Dogs Naturally. We have sponsored an article: "Vets on Vaccines" by Catherine O'Driscoll in their March/April 2012 Issue. Catherine surveys over 20 vets (including Dr W. Jean Dodds) asking them about vaccines and pet health. Most vets contribute poor animal health to over vaccination and processed kibble diets. Some go as far as recommending raw diets.



April, 2013

Cats and dogs are carnivores and supplemented
their diets in the wild with other natural foods, not the processed, tasteless, carbohydrate based food we’ve come to accept as pet food today. There’s a better answer . . .
from ANSWERSTM Pet Food.
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by Living In Style's "I Gotta Have That!"  


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[Dog Food Advisor]


False Rumors
Circulating about
High Pressure Pasteurization!

The Truth about Pet Food Pledge:


Listen to the Answers Interview at the Green Festival in DC

Oprah & Dr. Oz talk about the benefits of Goat's Milk


Natural Pet Diets Whole Raw Pet Diets Improve Health



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